Letter To My First-Grader

When I held you in my arms for the first time, it was hours after arriving at the hospital for your birth. I was oblivious to the rest to the room, to the sounds of the hospital, to the nurses and doctors scurrying about. I took in all of the shapes and textures of your tiny face with wonder and awe as well as riding waves of thankfulness to God that I was blessed, especially at my age, to be a part of your life. After 7 years the joy and marvel has not diminished, it has accelerated and grown to a love for you that cannot be depicted in words. Every day my very first thoughts are how to be the best father that I can be for you. I will put everything aside to listen to your questions, concerns and creative stories. To be a part of your childhood is the greatest gift I have known.
This week marks the end of the Kindergarten days and the start of your education as a first-grader. How very excited I am for you and so very proud to accompany you on this journey! I vividly remember my first years in school, the challenges, the fears and joys. You already have a strong grip on the basics that you need and you are so very intelligent! I love watching your mind work and how you integrate your dry humor into everything that you do. Be not afraid my little girl, be not perplexed at that which you do not know or understand, because it will eventually be known to you. I know that you are not a patient girl, but find that harmony within yourself to trust your mind with its complexes and ability to reason. I am here for you. I will never leave your side. I will try not to be a burden just because I love you. I will support your decisions and try to guide you as best I can when you desire it. Being your Dad is also being your friend and that means not manipulating your train of thought but giving you options that will make your choices relevant. Protecting you is also my job and I know that discipline is imperative to your judgment. I will always be fair and respect you my dear baby. It is your life, not mine. It is your time to excel and enjoy the corners of the world of knowledge and wonder. It is your needs that I will be more than happy to try to administer to. Above all things I hope that you are the human being that you want to be, that compassion and love be a part of your everyday being. As your little hand grows within mine I hope for the courage to let it go when the time arrives. I love my job as your father and your existence is my best day, my best year, my profound honor. I know the time will come where you will make choices that do not include me, that are not shared. I will try my very best to see you then as my friend and not get in your way as your father.
Above all know that you are in my every thought my dear daughter and when God is standing by my side saying it is time to come home, my last breath and smile will be with your name in its center.
Enjoy school my dearest. Carpe diem…take the world by the horns and make it better.
All my Love,