Era of Shame

The Era of Shame

Shame on the senseless and despicable ISIS movement to ignite fear and terror on humanity. These are cheap thugs hiding under a blanket of religion, using and bastardizing teachings to their own sick entertainment. Shame on us who try to look away and say “well, it’s happening somewhere else and at least I am safe. Being safe and susceptible are sisters with a wretched possible common denominator. Shame on those who run away from responsibility leaving children to wander aimlessly in their own land because a tyrant’s ego crushes their homes, their future, their country. At this very moment…shame on those who seek to lead and openly make a mockery of a system of honor and respect which should be a basis of democracy and justice. Shame on your infantile and ridiculous Twitter-Talk which does nothing but show wanting citizenry hopelessness and chaos. Is this the America that I miss? Shame on those of us who say nothing and laugh at this depiction of the present State of the Union. We are in our era of shame where we have to make a choice of least “possible catastrophe candidate” to lead the “most powerful nation in the world” and must face the ridicule of the rest of the free world. This will make our foreign policy null and void because there is none. The element of respect will not be a part of diplomacy which makes compromise and closure possible. Not that they are innocent of shame! Shame on those who tackle a “refugee crisis” without having a structure in place, not only putting their own citizens at risk but those who truly need assistance, meaning those unknowingly shielding the infiltration of a scourge of humans willing to eliminate their brother and sister for the good of an evil idealism, not a religion. I shake my head and swear at the moon, I rant and sigh those great big sighs of total disbelief at stupidity and tolerance for a comedy of errors. I want to close and lock my doors staying on the inside wishing to protect my child from this preposterous show of “stupid human tricks.” That would be a “shame on me” then, for I would make the choice to sweep all of that trash under the rug for the benefit of not seeing it. Please inform yourselves, but PLEASE not from a tabloid. You have the ways and means to see what is being said. Perhaps then we can together enter an “Era of Intelligence and Common Sense” together that our children can take over. Shame on any of us who decide that “that’s the way it is” is the day’s Epitaph.