What are we to do to fix this pain and end the seemingly day to day carnage and fear which this rolling wave of hate brings us? How do we explain this sickening revolution against humanity to our children? Terrorism in any form is not merely an act but a psychosis and abstractly irrational function of a wrathful morale. It is more than hate or racism, for those two ugly traits need not be acted upon with vengeance and savagery. Most humans have some sort of quirk, dislike or abhorrence to that which is different from their own, whether race, religion or culture. It is born out of fear and misunderstanding cemented into their thinking as a child. Grasping impartiality in early years can only be possible by teachings from our parents and then later our first initial teachers. If our religion or politics, attitudes of those around us and or ideologies become the basis of our first reasoning then we as children will become the intolerant and closed-thinking purveyors of…nothing. There is no logic or intelligence connected to a closed mind. Taking away choices of thinking, freedom to embrace cultures and divergence as well as dissolving the ability to welcome another opinion in the formative years of our little ones will deprive them of peace and the ability to unify their communities through their own positive actions. It will deprive them the ability to communicate, possibly their only true and stabile way to actively and effectively function in today’s world. Therein lays our great task, to help them communicate. This means discouraging problem-solving by “texting” whether yourself or their friends. Teaching them eye to eye contact and conversing from their inner self rather than hiding behind a keyboard will give them opportunities and meaning through…truth. Where does racism or intolerance evolve except from blind ignorance and fear of one’s self? The constant sweeping under the carpet of our own demons is becoming a messier business then we will be able to clean up. It will be a collection of lies, of doubts, of unknown bigotries and denial because we ourselves have not faced up to what is right and just and wish our children to think as we do! That is what fanaticism is…anti-social arrogance in its most primitive form. The decision of needing superiority is a decision against man and certainly character. It is he who is strong in his convictions without the need to coerce that will be able to be the peacemaker, for perhaps this gift allows him or her the ability to see beyond his fear. If the convictions involve coercion it is not a logical and human conviction, rather an exercise of domination through any means possible. This person has never learned to communicate, has never given without the need to be thanked, and has never compromised out of respect. Respect is born out of communication and learning how to debate or discuss without the need to finagle your views into another’s mind-set. I think being able to accept the word no or to interpret rejection as simple difference of opinion is a trait I would love to master, especially having a young child with whom I debate all issues that occur between father and daughter. Giving her the benefit of a doubt now, even at 5 years old, will give her a strong will, perhaps a conviction, most probably self-esteem. Being there for her if her decision goes south is equally as important. If, by my example, she sees another way or path to success, usually that example has been learned through my own mistake and it is imperative that I remind her of my own ability to fail, to show her it too is an important part of growing.


The point here is teaching a self-respect that will grow into a compassion for mankind. We are engulfed in a war with no honor, with no resolve. It is a mindless tyranny of a small group of individuals seeking attention through inhuman means. They seem to be in every walk of life, granted at the moment centralized in extremism through ISIS/ISIL, but non-the-less in every culture. The targeting of innocents is only cowardice and the individual head of evil rearing its more-than-ugly head and spitting its venom in sheets of hate at the rest of us. They never learned as children. They were manipulated to take on the poisons of their fathers.


Take your child into your bosom and nurture their minds. Allow them the freedom of choice and guide them through example. Teach them to speak and share by listening, not judging. We cannot stop or end what has happened, we can only learn from our own pains and conscience and react now rather than later. I have always remembered something for myself. “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”… written hundreds of years ago but modern as can be. Let us embrace the mistakes of mankind and shed light on their sources. If need be, let us fight to be reckoned with from our transgressors. Let us first communicate with claim to respect for all that we are. Let us strive to see that which we are afraid of because it is different. What makes it different? What do I fear about it?

I wish I had the answers…I don’t…not for me or my child. I only have my instinct and the need to seek answers. It is in the seeking that I will find comfort, the same as when I take my daughter’s hand and listen to her stories and dreams. I will wish with her.Dreamsharing