Measuring on the Crapola Meter

The Power of Bad Communication

I hate these ridiculous discussions I am forced to take part of with people who just refuse to logically communicate. It is not a matter of having the gift of gab, it is not dependent on your intellect, and it has nothing to do with your cultural differences, absolutely nothing to do on how you structure your topic. It has everything to do with your will to communicate, what you are willing to do to get your point across and in turn accept and listen to a retort. Just interjecting bullshit when it pleases you is not communicating; it is your Ego needing to be on a leash. You will not learn or be informed in any sense if your mouth is not connected to your ears and relying on the material lying between the two as control. How to you ask a question? Is it confrontational from the beginning because you want the upper hand? If you are a control freak you shouldn’t be in control of any communicative event. Just write an Email or text message because nobody will ever want to listen or more importantly be willing to compromise. That is the point here. Compromising means taking the time to listen and then interjecting. Compromise within communication is allowing a point to be explained. How can you disagree if you have no idea where the final point is? I am so totally fed up with trying to get projects or problems solved with someone who openly shows they have no interest in hearing an explanation or any detail even if they have asked for it. When does the communicating begin? Why are our children stuck to their texting buttons on their cell phones and not learning to speak? Even their texting is abbreviated!
Most frustrating of all is that person who thinks that loud, unabashed, and unbroken dialog will get me to listen. I will tolerate most anything but disrespect. Spewing as a form of communicating is only meant for one recipient, and that is the Office of Insanitation. If only they would stop and think “how would I like to be spoken to today?” and follow the example.

I give “communicative intolerance” a 10 on the Crapola Meter