A Communion with Mozart

A Communion with Mozart


The massive wave of terror, episodes of grief and hate-induced onslaught throughout our world has left me in a sort of coma where I feel as though I am floating and dizzy waiting to have solid ground underneath me. There is this sense of hopelessness, probably compounded by a confusion brought about with the additional weight of “Brexit” and my own country’s political uncertainties. It is a constricting feeling, a loathing of humanity and helplessness to those stricken. I can’t seem to cry anymore as if the well is dry but the need remains. There is this lurking fear, the same I experienced as a child watching the Vietnam War unfold on our black and white Zenith television. What more can I do? I receive messages from my consulate to please avoid this and that country, be more than careful, and be vigilant in where you are at and the surroundings, especially if you see something “unusual”. Unfortunately it is the “usual” that carries the bombs to kill and injure. It is the “usual” that hacks into the system and steals your possessions. It is the “usual” that walks into a nightclub with the intention of eliminating its partygoers. Will it never stop? I fight the urge to barricade my child and myself away from the inhuman death mongers and destruction artists. There is no security in that. As a matter of fact there is no security against it, not with the laws that we have and the mentality of those we fight. I will not give up however to understand and act. It will take me a bit of time, a bit of repose in my thinking, a bit of strategy.

To arrive at a time and place where reflection will bring results or at least positive singular effort, one needs to create or find that meadow or mountaintop. Mine is a fortunate and magical space. The fortune is in the complete immersion of thematic centered on a common denominator. If am blessed to be communing with Mozart this week. Not only his works, but using his genius and the state of the world to impact a thinking and mentality of a region. That would be the magic I suppose. It is not “forgetting” the situations I see and hear every day in the news; it is using the calamity of this news to inspire the search for peace and beauty, if only for a moment.

The Dermbacher Festspiel… a music festival which through the short tradition brings people from all walks of life to create one moment of beauty that can rejuvenate and govern how we react and retort to the ongoing strife in our daily existence. It is a time where the simplicity and emotion of creating or being a part of a musical experience can change a life. A chorus of engineers, housewives, doctors, lawyers, journeymen, students, employed or unemployed come together and sing from their hearts after learning, over a two year period, come together with professional soloists and orchestra and strive to show how to use this work as solace. This time it is the Mozart Requiem. How could something so utterly glorious be available to us at this moment in time to help our healing? It is God’s work I am sure, and this requiem for the dead is filled with light and hope, not despair and grieving. It honors those who said goodbye before their time. It allows us to speak to God through our music. It allows us to communicate strength, wisdom and courage while singing of redemption and hope. It gives us the tools to stare despair in its ugly face and trudge forward with verve and reverence. To watch a people come together, to listen and feel the definition of “hope” in a musical form is magnificent and more than inspiring. The liturgy of the music is a dedication of the end of life. Mozart’s music balances out the liturgical meanings and reinvents light and glory…and dare I say it, “living”. The closing section is all about eternal light. We are that light I believe, we have the ability to change things for the good, to battle that which destroys. For the moment I am trying to saturate myself with the notes, phrases and simplicity of that which is good to make me more aware of that which is in my power to change and leave this place better for my darling little girl. Immortality is in that which turns evil to good, dark to light, intolerance to an embrace.